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Foto de tots els integrants del Club

Since the relationship of esteem Marc Gasol to Girona, where he lived his emergence as a basketball player and a lot of experiences that helped him to form as a person, Bàsquet Girona culminates another step of the desire of his personal driver.

After two years of growth as CEB Marc Gasol, the project adopted in summer of 2016 the name of the city where there is a great bond (Escola Bàsquet Girona Marc Gasol) and since season 2017/18, has only kept the name of the city. Bàsquet Girona is a basketball club in Girona and for Girona. All this without forgetting the link with this Marc Gasol Club, headed by himself.

Bàsquet Girona. A project based on the commitment, effort and methodology.

Detail programmes to develop each player considering his attributes and unique physical characteristics.

Specific basketball methods to develop young talented athletes on and off the court, so they can be prepared for tomorrow challenges.


Commitment and passion

Contributing to the utmost humility that youth values of the area can develop their talents and achieve their full potential in Girona. 

This project is a personal ambition with a very strong commitment from the beginning. A project which started the day after I left Girona and has progressed over the years thanks to endless hours of hard work of a team of very qualified professionals.


Seeing Bàsquet Girona takes the continuation of the steps started four years ago when the Club was created is without a doubt a very special moment in my life. I am conscious there’ll be many hurdles we’ll have to overcome in the future, but we are prepared to work extremely hard from a humble and very respectful perspective. This project is a personal challenge and a way to thank the city of Girona for how well I was looked after during my years as a player. An unforgetable part of my journey career that will remain alive in my heart forever.

A Basketball Academy in Girona
Foto d'en Marc Gasol
Commitment, dedication and specific working methods to build a club from the bottom up


2014/15 SEASON

On May 16th 2014 the Club Escola Bàsquet Marc Gasol is presented. In June some open trainings are held and from there the teams are formed.

  • The technical structure of the Club is complemented by the medical area, led by Dr. Jordi Sitjà.
  • The Club competes with five teams: U13, U14, U15, U16 and U17. 
  • The U17 reaches the Preferent category in the August phases, but can not maintain it.
  • U13 wins the provincial championship and becomes Catalan runner-up after losing the final against Joventut Badalona.
  • In pavelló de Montfalgars it takes place a day of technical formation held by by Agustí Julbe and Andreu Casadevall.
  • It takes places the first summer campus of the Club at the end of this first season.